Så vänder du Coronakrisen till din fördel – världens främsta inspiratörer berättar

Gustaf Oscarson

Uppdaterades: 3 april, 2020
Publicerades: 20 mars, 2020
4 minuters läsning

Vi vänder oss till världens främsta inspiratörer och entreprenörer för att se hur de hanterar Corona-krisen. För visst vill vi lära oss av attityden hos dem som lyckats bäst?

Här har vi valt ut våra favorit-visdomsord i denna osäkra tid. Vi låter dem vara på engelska, eftersom den svenska översättningen inte blir lika inspirerande. Håll till godo!

Vad säger Tony Robbins om Corona-krisen?

”Decisions NOT conditions, determine our destiny. There are 3 DECISIONS we’re all making every moment of our lives. In fact, you’re making the first right now: WHAT AM I GOING TO FOCUS ON?

What we CHOOSE TO FOCUS ON affects our whole life. Whatever we focus on, we FEEL— whether it’s true or not. If right now you’re focused on, “The economy is going down, it’s terrible!” you’ll FEEL terrible about your economics and your actions in that area will be made in fear.

But what if we shift FOCUS? What if we said: Everybody’s scared & freaking out! It’s a perfect time for us to take a different approach because, as Warren Buffett teaches, don’t panic when others get scared by headlines. If we have the courage to ignore the ”prophets of doom,” the best opportunities come in times of maximum pessimism.

If we focused on that advantage, we’d feel very differently, wouldn’t we? See, FOCUS = FEELING.

And soon as we FOCUS on something we GIVE IT A MEANING. Is this the end or the beginning? Is this a blessing or a curse? Whichever meaning we decide controls what we FEEL, and out of our feelings come all of our ACTIONS. So we gotta decide 1. What to FOCUS ON, 2. What it MEANS & 3. What we’re gonna DO about it.

We’re living in unique times where the volume of fear & anxiety is turned up. If we don’t think critically for ourselves, we’re letting someone else dictate our focus. We can’t forget that WE’RE IN CHARGE of what to FOCUS on AND what it MEANS AND what we should do.

Turn on the TV— Is it good news about all the magnificent & miraculous things humans are doing today? I wish! But we’re fed headlines that jolt us to get our precious attention. And they’re competing with the screen in our pocket, social media, texts, & alerts every moment of the day.

My mentor Jim Rohn taught me, “EVERY DAY, STAND GUARD AT THE DOOR OF YOUR MIND.” You alone decide what thoughts & beliefs you let into your life! What we focus on shapes whether we feel frustrated & angry or excited & grateful, cursed or blessed.

In these times we need to remember to STAND GUARD. If we don’t discipline our fears & control our focus, the world will gladly do it for us. YOU DECIDE.

Vad säger Robin Sharma om Corona-krisen?

”Volatile, confusing and very messy times are upon us. I want you to be so strong in your interior core and so fortified within your outer life that when things get even messier, you…⁣

⁣…stay positive, brave and supremely focused on your mission plan.⁣

⁣…turn insecurity into creativity and maximize your productivity so your mighty ambitions still get done.⁣

⁣…leverage all the fear around you to raise your leadership, grow your genius and serve more humans and raise our troubled world.⁣”

Vad säger Gary Vaynerchuk om Corona-krisen?

Stop selling the ”unsellable” – focus on getting more buyers.

Vad säger Brené Brown om Corona-krisen?

”Surviving this crisis will take a shift in mindset, and that’s tougher than we think – especially when we’re afraid.

Fear and anxiety can drive us to become very self-focused. This global pandemic is a real case of “getting sick together” or “staying well together.”

Our choices affect everyone around us. There is no such thing as “individual risk” or “individual wellness.”

This is the ultimate reminder that we are inextricably connected to each other. Turning away from collective action right now – as tempting as it is – will only generate more pain.

Owning and embracing our global interconnectedness (from a safe distance) and thinking about others as we make choices is, ironically, our only path to safety for ourselves and the people we love.

We can all get really shitty really fast when we’re afraid. I get it. I’m using deep breaths along with my personal mantra: ” Try to be scared without being scary.” Feel free to borrow both – they can help.

It’s also really normal for everyone to be on our nerves: The people who aren’t following the rules, the 10-second hand washers, etc. I get that too. TRUST ME.

But, like it or not, we just can’t give up on people. We’re all we have.”

Stay awkward, brave, and kind. Love each other. Spread calm.

Vad säger Tim Ferriss om Corona-krisen?

”Before sharing COVID-19 ideas and interventions, I suggest asking the following, as I’m asking myself: ”*Who* exactly do you want to do *what* by *when,* and what’s your plan for persuading/incentivizing towards that objective?” Otherwise, our collective noise will drown out even the most promising signals. Hope is not a strategy, no matter how many charts are included.”

Vad säger C. JoyBell C om Corona-krisen?

“This virus will leave us entirely newborn people. We will all be different, none of us will ever be the same again. We will have deeper roots, be made of denser soil, and our eyes will have seen things.”

Vad säger Mehmet Murat Ildan om Corona-krisen?

”In times of hard times, we learn something incredibly precious: The fist of the universe can hit us anywhere anytime; make your preparation before the universe attacks you! In this universe, those who anticipate the thoughts and actions of the universe beforehand will survive!”

Vad säger Kyle Bass (Hayman Capital Management) om Corona-krisen?

If you’re asking for when the financial markets see peak virus, I think it’ll be about a month from now.

Vad säger Rick Rieder (chief investment officer BlackRock) om Corona-krisen?

“It’s temporary, but it’s a tornado-like headwind, so it’s going to be powerful for a period of time.”

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